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March 4th, 2012, 09:11
Originally Posted by 20mithrandir View Post
I can definitely agree on both games. Venetica was one of the games in the last about ten years that surprised me the most. I still don't understand the lack of coverage it got form the media.

And speaking of Top 10 lists, don't you forget The Witcher 2
I didn't - I liked Witcher 1 a lot more. OTH,I love what the developers are doing with the franchise but for me the first one was a better game experience. As wonky as that game was.

as far as Venetica, I might have to get that game on Steam if it ever gets real cheap just so I can get some screen capture shots. It doesn't have the magnificent realism of Skyrim but some of the cartoony city vistas are amazing. I am right now chuckling to myself remembering those guys who help our heroine with locks and their back story - just a great game.

BTW, the heroines of Venetica and Beyond Good and Evil looks like they might be twin sisters. And both played in good games that were sorta under appreciated. hmmm. Go figure
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