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March 4th, 2012, 22:02
Captive II: Liberation and Legacy.

Liberation is one of very few games that were developed with the Amiga CD32 in mind. I am not sure what I think about the game. It feels like it have enormous potential ruined by an attempt to use "the latest graphics" in 3d, which back in 1993 means "it looks like crap". All the 2d Art is really good and the intro sequence is known as the best made for the Amiga, but chunky pixels had became a gimmick in the gaming industry and this is one of very few commercial amiga games to use that technique. But everything including characters are made up by low-polygon models with lowres textures. What the game have is it's premise. It's a Cyberpunk game in which you control four droids in which you need to liberate people who are held captive by corrupt corporations. Doing so consists of detective work in order to track down the person you need in a huge free-roaming city. Most of it is generated though so you quickly begin to see reoccuring themes.

Legacy was originally made for Pocket PC and is one of the best titles for that platform. But it's also available as a PC game. It's one of the best Dungeon Master clones ever made. One reason for this of course is that it was developed as late as 2004 by a team who knew exactly what they were doing. It's one of very few modern party-based Dungeon Master clones that isn't a poor mans indie game.

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