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March 5th, 2012, 07:34
I was very happy to see this released and also when i learned about that II and III is comming out. Bards Tale, the original was unplayable with the simcga command used in my old 80286 computer (Hercules graphic) and i had to wait until i got me a EGA card and EGA screen 2 years later to play it.

I showed my spouse the IOS version saturday and she looked at me and asked me how i could have thought that was fun that many years ago …

But i must say playing it on the ipad wasn't to pad… The "bad" thing is that i have to start Bards tale the parody first to start Bards tale the original.

I love that they release the original version and i will be waiting for II and III! Eagerly (Didn't play number III at all)
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