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March 5th, 2012, 08:57
I guess I'll go next, since I've never introduced myself…

I'm Raggie, a 32-year-old female gamer from Finland. I've played games for as long as I can remember. My first RPG was Lands of Lore - The Throne of Chaos and since then I've played more RPGs than I can remember. The thing I most enjoy about RPGs is the sense of adventure and the huge variety of the genre. I enjoy all styles of RPGs, be it action, tactical, Japanese, old-school or modern. I love it how I can play an RPG with finely-tuned combat where I just skip the story, and next play an RPG that is all about the story and characters and the combat is merely spicing things up. I most enjoy RPGs with tactical, turn-based combat, first-person RPGs (especially the old-fashioned ones with grid-based movement) and Bioware RPGs. I'm also a fan of the Might and Magic series (currently playing MM6) and Ultima (Lady Isolde Dragon here!). My favorite RPG of all time is probably Baldur's Gate 2, though Lands of Lore has the most special place in my heart for being the first.

Because of my varied tastes in RPGs, I don't usually chat in forums because I don't really fit in anywhere. RPG communities tend to levitate towards a certain style of RPG and snub the rest, which is a shame. I guess I'm lucky to be able to enjoy everything this genre has to offer, be it a game from 20 years ago or the latest Bioware RPG/shooter. A good game is entertaining, no matter how it achieves that goal or what genre it belongs to.

So, that's me. Hello everyone!
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