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March 6th, 2012, 00:59
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
Uhh.. what? Even if you argue that all RPGs are linear in some general way (although that's already a contentious claim), I'm not sure how Witcher 2 is the best example of nonlinearity at all. If anything, it's a profoundly linear game.
I guess it is a matter of how you define the term "nonlinearity". You are probably referring to nonlinearity of world exploration and the article refers to nonlinearity of narrative.

At first, I interpreted the term "nonlinearity" as in how the choices you make will determine which exclusive paths you will follow, each having different irreversible impacts on the storyline. However, it seems that most people apply the term "nonlinearity" if they can choose the order in which they can do stuff like unrestrictive exploration of the world, choose which quests to do in any arbitrary order, etc., which is typical in open world RPG, yet they do tend to have a linear main storyline.

I remember reading on the back of the Gothic DVD case that the game was nonlinear yet my feeling was that it was very linear, simply due to my own definition at the time.
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