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March 6th, 2012, 01:07

Again, I'm not sure I agree with you.
1. Anime - Definitely yes here, with rare exceptions.
2. Random encounters - Plenty of wRPG's have this as well. I mean, Wizardry and the Bards Tale games are a great example. Pool of Radiance had it. Fallout 1 and 2. Baldur's Gate 1 and 2. Hell, D and D had random encounters. Meanwhile, there are also many games in both sub-genres that have non-random battles.
3. Primarily SciFi - Umm.. what? Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy (at least up until 7, with 9, 11, 12, and 14 also being good examples of medieval-style settings) are both predominantly medieval. I do agree that jRPGs tend to have more "medieval+" settings, with weird scifi/cyberpunk/steampunk/post-apoc type things going on. Still though…
4. More of a movie production? Maybe true with the last few Final Fantasies, but, then again, it's also true of the last few Bioware games. Tie again.
5. Cumbersome menus - Well, that depends on your definition. There are plenty of wRPGs with cumbersome menus, and jRPGs are often built around a console interface.
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