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March 6th, 2012, 04:08
"…so the only way to get a less than stellar outcome is to deliberately do so by outright skipping side-quests and not upgrading the ship."

Oh, is that what it was? It certainly wasn't obvious to me. Wait a second, that can't be right. I did Jack's loyalty quest and she still got eaten by bees!

DA:O's handling of the end game was definitely much better. I don't think it was quite the same thing, though. You weren't going through the final 'dungeon' having party members dropping out right and left. So the author was still right in saying 'like no other game before it', IMHO.

P.S. Uh, Thresher, there was the fourth option! Still, all four just led to rather unsatisfying stock footage clips and endings that didn't seem very well thought out to me. Very disappointing after the game had done so well at exploring the whole "haves" vs. "have nots" vs. "have whether they want them or nots" deal. But then they played Deus Ex's original theme music after the credits and completely made up for it.
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