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March 6th, 2012, 06:01
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@TheMadGamer: Again, I'm not sure I agree with you.
Well why not??? I'm right you know!

Anime - I just don't like anime very much. In the late 80s and 90s I went through a long period of having an open mind with that art direction but by the end of the 90s I had just really tired of it. I don't think I've played a JRPG that was not done in anime - but that isn't to say that ALL JRPGs are in anime - I really don't know as I stopped following JRPGs for the most part in the late 90s.

Random Unavoidable Encounters - it's true that you can find WRPGs in the history of WRPGs that have unavoidable random encounters. But this concept largely lives in the realm of JRPGs. I loved Dragon Quest through Dragon Quest IV (also known as Dragon Warrior). I played Final Fantasy through FF3. I played Secret of Mana and a few others but by the late 90s I just couldn't take anymore of the random unavoidable encounters. I just really tired of it and dropped JRPGs altogether.

Sci Fi - Admittedly I don't follow JRPGs so I'll take your word for it. But all the big name JRPGs that catch my brief attention in magazines or on the internet seem to be sci-fi with swords. It just doesn't appeal to me. If this were the only problem I had with how I perceive JRPGs to be in general, I'd probably still play some of them, but this just adds another nail to my JRPG coffin. And to be fair, I never liked the sci-fi elements in the early Ultima series either.

Movie Productions - I'm sticking to this one. Too many JRPG developers seemed to think that watching a videogame is more important than playing one. I'm not the only one who feels this way as I've seen this very topic come up time and again on the internet - in both forums as well as by 'reviewers.' I played a bit of DA:O and did not play DA2 at all - but I do concede DA:O had more than a bit of 'movieness' to it.

Cumbersome Menus - It's true there are plenty of WRPGs that have questionable interfaces (yes I'm looking at you Skyrim - but hooray for SkyUI). But most of my experience with JRPGs is on a console. And Console JRPG interfaces are always a pain. After a while, I didn't even expect them to be anything but a pain. The JRPG UIs were 2nd to the random unavoidable encounters that really burnt me out.
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