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March 6th, 2012, 08:20
Heya all! I know it's been a while, but we've just submitted a huge update to Apple and it should be out soon. Wanted to give you all the head's up first!

Upcoming 1.03 Update Features

1. Enter the Suneaters! The Suneaters Campaign is now available! The 11 new missions offer an additional 10 to 15 hours of gameplay and depict the story from the Kaysan point of view.

2. Players can command Kaysani swarms as they take to the field!

3. A 3-medal system is now available for every mission. Players will obtain the first medal by completing a mission in Easy difficulty and the second medal by completing it in Normal difficulty. The third medal can only be obtained in Normal difficulty and the requirements are mission specific and are listed in the Tactical Menu as Secondary Objectives. The 3rd medal is intended to challenge even the best players. Players with versions of Ravenmark prior to v1.03 will be retroactively awarded 2 medals for each mission completed before the update.

4. An Easy game difficulty is now available in the Options menu. Easy mode doubles the base hit points of player controlled factions. Players may switch difficulty modes at any time, but it will only take effect on restarting/beginning a new mission.

5. As the player progresses through each mission/cutscene, the game now shows the location and movement of the main characters on the world map.

6. An Atlas (map) of the world is now available from the main menu.

7. There is now a button to jump to the Codex entry of an Attachment/Commander directly from the Element's information panel in the battlefield.

8. The information panel of an Element now shows the current and remaining health points.

9. Formations (of 2 or 3 Elements) may now move backwards 1 square while maintaining their facing.

10. Abilities now appear before that stat block. This makes referring for abilities easier.

11. The floating text on the battlefield are now larger on the iPad.

12. Also, iCloud syncing is now available. Missions and Medals that have been unlocked will now sync to iCloud so you can continue playing from a second device or delete Ravenmark from your device without losing any progress. Mission autosave files are NOT synced. This feature requires iCloud to be activated on a device running iOS5.

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