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March 6th, 2012, 08:42
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Yeah, I don't get why anyone would want the benefit from sleeping. One levels up fast enough in this game, and once one gets to level 20 or so, everything becomes too easy, I thinků You don't need the uber levels and associated spells and perks.
Seconded. There are a number of user-made mods to slow down the xp gain/levelling up though. From the slimplest "let's cut xp gain in half", or so, to a bit more subtle ones which doesn't really affect your character's growth in the beginning (first 10 levels, I'd say) but slow down progression later on, and/or re balance the gain from specific skills like smithing for example.

So my characters are all sleep-deprived insomniacs.
LOL I hear you, especially since this bonus also stacks with the similar benefit from the mage/thief/warrior stones, which I now avoid like the plague.

I havn't verified this myself, but I also read that if you're a werewolf you do not benefit from this lover's comfort bonus though. I guess that she/he sleeps elsewhere… what a bummer for conjugal life! But I digress…

BTW, are the stores provided by spouses any good? I've found the apparel store in Solitude to be excellent for enchanted jewelry, and once you complete one the Solitude thief reputation quest, the special merchant there always has the best weapons.
There isn't specialized stores based on which spouse you marry (that could be a decent idea for a mod, methinks). Basically, the inventory of spouses' stores is more or less on par with those of merchants like Riverwood or Belethor's shops, randomized once a day (I think) and not particularly specialized. At one time they may have magical weapons, another time more jewelry, and almost never any new spell books (in my experience). The cumulative 100 gold of sell profits is actually useful when you marry early in the game, much less so later on obviously.

Funnily, your spouse will not offer you any discount, their price being evaluated on your speech skill (and speech perks) as for any other merchant.

To expand upon what Menigal already said, the biggest advantage of spouses is when they are also your follower : that way you get a merchant companion 24/7, whom you can even sell/buy from in the very depth of a dwemer ruin.

Another, perhaps overlooked advantage, comes from spouses who already have their own homes, like Uthgerd, Camilla, etc. Again, it's most beneficiary to the player if your character marry early on in the game, when money isn't overflowing yet, as you can then choose to move in there with her rather than buying a house AND items that you place inside their house shoudn't risk disappearing as there is no content resetting inside their house.
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