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March 6th, 2012, 15:02
I've just posted the second review roundup for this game. And the review from PC Gamer deals with playing the game on pc, the review from Atomic Gamer deals with olaying the game on pc and Xbox, the review from GameXP (the German one) features the PS3 platform.

Both the review from Atomic Gamer and PC Gamer mentions how it plays out on PC, the PC Gamer review explicitly mentions this:

I’ll get the other irritations over with now. The spacebar – previously only used for sprinting, ducking, taking cover, using switches, talking to people and vaulting over things – is now also used for diving away from cover too. It makes an already maddeningly imprecise system utterly ridiculous. At least half my deaths were from the spacebar not doing what I expected it to. We’re on PCs. We have 128 keys. We can handle a separate button for taking cover.
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