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March 6th, 2012, 17:00
More reviews for this game have been posted.
Atomic Gamer 10/10 - A quote from the conclusion.
The overall presentation in Mass Effect 3 is the best we've seen out of BioWare yet. From the deep booms of explosions to the digital noise sound of Reapers and on to the wonderful soundtrack and spot-on voice acting, the game sounds simply amazing. The architecture and design are wonderful, and I want to give a special shout-out to BioWare for finally fleshing out the Citadel enough to make it truly stand alongside other great science fiction mainstays, like the Death Star or Serenity. Now, I'm finally confident that a future spin-off game taking place entirely on the Citadel could be a huge success.
PC Gamer's Review 93/100 which is totally spoilerfree - A quote, though, on war assets:
The multiplayer is a cooperative survival mode – you and your friends pick a class and fight off waves of enemies. It’s not switched on at the time of writing, so I can’t tell you how that plays beyond what you can try for yourself in the demo. But the way it affects the main game is needlessly problematic. In singleplayer, everything you do accumulates ‘war assets’. When you finish the game, how many of these you have determines how good an ending you get: how well the final fight goes for your side. Success in co-op multiplies your war assets, up to twice their normal value. That means that if you only play singleplayer, or want to finish singleplayer first, you’ll have to grind the living hell out of its most tedious fetch quests to get the best ending.
A quote from the review's conclusion:
Shepard is the best game character I’ve ever played. She’s been an ongoing improv collaboration between me and BioWare to build a hero that works for their plot, but suits my tastes. Since we composed her first inspiring speech to the crew when she took charge of the Normandy, a commanding, brutally effective woman has emerged through 60 hours of tough decisions………But she has also formed conflicted, quiet, sometimes touching relationships with some of the alien weirdos dragged along on her mission. Relationships that gave her character a gentler side I didn’t expect, but which made sense of the person I had in my head.
They also have an article written by the reviewed asking the question: Is Mass Effect everything, we want? A quote about one of the things that they wanted that they got:
1. A little faith
Fulfilled: yes!
We were frustrated, then incredulous, then just kind of bored of people not believing the Reapers were real. For a long time, BioWare said Mass Effect 3 would start with you on trial for killing thousands of Batarians to stop the Reaper’s arrival, because people were still sceptical the Reapers were coming. They changed that, thank God. You’ve been discharged for “the shit you’ve done,” as Anderson puts it – which to be honest is fair enough.
The Reapers are everywhere. No-one doubts it. And as a result, working with the various races to rally them together is a much less frustrating process.
The conclusion from this article:
That’s 11 of our 15 wishes fulfilled – pretty impressive, given that all of them were things Mass Effect 1 or 2 failed at. It does mean, however, that my review score of 93% was incorrect. Mathematically, we can see that the game is really only worth 73%.
A German review 95% can be found at GameXP. English translation via Google translate here.
A quote about the Mars mission translated from the original German via Google Translate:
Go Shepard rescue mission on Mars, where his goal is in the Library of Protheans to find a weapon against the Reapers. Shepard has with the Reapers that threaten not only his home planet, already have their hands full, but on Mars yet another adversary appears: Cerberus, the organization that Shepard in "Mass Effect 2" brought back to life mix, apparently also. What roles are taken up by the unknown with his organization in this galactic war.
The original German version of this can be seen down below:
Los geht Shepards Rettungsmission auf dem Mars, wo sein Ziel darin besteht in der Bibliothek der…More information.
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