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March 6th, 2012, 16:47
Originally Posted by Falchor View Post
Of all the negatives I've heard (related to DLC and other issues), this is the one most troubling to me. If I play the single-player game well, I should receive full rewards within the single-player game. If I play multiplayer well, I should receive full rewards within the multi-player framework, ala Red Dead Redemption or any other singe-player focused game with a multi-player addon.

This feels like EA bullying around their users to drive up multi-player metrics (most users online, blah blah blah).

You can get enough "war assets" in a single player playthrough to see 3 endings with save and reload. There is a 4th ending that can only be seen if you do a NG+ (new game plus = replaying with the same character).

The game guide mention 6 endings though…
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