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March 6th, 2012, 18:57
It bugs me that most but not all custscenes, conversations, or area transitions make me re-activate ammo powers. Wasn't that patched by popular demand to stop doing that in ME 2?

Also - they did quite an impressive job of making your choices in the previous two games pay off and sometimes in rather huge ways. The downside of this is that some scenes will actually be rather complex series of possible segments based on choices across all 3 games - meaning they can be long and feel largely uninteractive since the decisions/actions they reflect were made by you hours ago or games ago. While cool to see things play out like that, it does mean that there can be 10 minute unpausable interactions when they do. That you can't pause them is a little frustrating when you want to maybe go to the bathroom. Still, the sum of your actions across 3 games can completely change the outcome of some missions - and sometimes the most satisfying result is dependent on a those previous actions.

Luckily there is a pretty complete only database of mass effect 2 saves if you want to see how a radically different player's universe ends up. Unfortunately those cutscenes that are the same similar enough to be uninsteresting will also be mostly unskippable and unpausable.
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