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March 6th, 2012, 21:12
The giantbomb article actually reads like what I expected from the game, disappointing but might as well play it if you did the previous 2.

Originally Posted by KnightPT View Post
For the people who "HATE" multiplayer games, i urge you to at least try it on mass effect 3, its realy realy cool and addictive.
I'd say the exact opposite, I'm not a fan of multiplayer and ME3's multi is far worse than most. I can't believe that the single "survival mode" from the demo is actually all there is to it, you just sit there on the map shooting wave upon wave of enemies, it's worthless as anything other than a piracy deterrent.

Originally Posted by Falchor View Post
But actually limiting the number of available game endings in a single-player game because I don't choose to play multi-player
Like JDR said, it doesn't lock you out of anything and we've known about it from the moment they announced the multiplayer aspect could affect the single-player as that was the obvious first question.
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