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March 7th, 2012, 05:48
Originally Posted by Falchor View Post
I'm fine with that, but don't limit the actual, potential ENDINGS TO THE STORY… </endrant>.
It doesn't in any way limit the possible endings you can get if you completely ignore multiplayer. It just means that you may have to play more thoroughly to have some of the lead up feel more successful - but there is no plot line, cutscene, or outcome that in any way requires you participate in the multiplayer. Doing so just means you can skip some of the side non-quests (planet-scanning for artifacts and lost ships basically) and substitute the points you would have gained from those activities with increases from multiplayer.

The only difference between this padding and other forms of padding is in this case you have the option of which kind of padding you'd like to do or mix and match. It should be mentioned though that almost nothing you do up until a certain decision point effects the absolute ending at all. Your choices are played out far more immediately and throughout the leadup to the end. Those things are not effected by multiplayer at all - since they're the resolutions of decisions made over the course of the 3 games - and some of them can be quite dramatic. In fact, some of the resolutions you get to subplots about half way through the game are so satisfying that the ending itself will feel like a choice between 3 differently colored lightbulbs.
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