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March 8th, 2012, 18:55
Yeah I do like how they've done weapon selection this time. Fewer/lighter weapons means reduced power cooldown. Alternatively you can go loaded for bear but suffer power cooldown penalties. Also, there do seem to be quite a few weapons this time around. I've got around 30-ish to chose from not counting any DLC or bonus items; make sure you check out stores (can do so remotely from the shuttle bay) in between priority missions as new items become availible. Also, it seems that many items you missed are availible for purchase from the Spectre requisitions if you failed to grab them for free in the mission they were to be found in.

Playing infiltrator with Incisor, Mattock, and carnifex all with scope and penetration mods seems pretty nice. I do like being able to attach scopes to most weapons and the Mattock does work as a pretty nice semi-auto target rifle. The salarian gernade pistol is pretty cool too, but the time delay means its more useful for me to give to squad mates than to myself.

They really did manage to improve the equipment selection over the previous one and the differences between many of the weapons is far more significant than it was in the first game. Armor selection is also a little more fleshed out than in the second game. In addition to the 5 or so familiar sets there are also about 5-6 piecemeal sets you can mix and match. I think I ended up running with a selection of pieces that gives me a total of about %100 bonus weapon damage.
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