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March 9th, 2012, 01:26
This was one of the reason I was willing to buy witcher 2 day 1 (i.e, pay full gog price). They produce a decent game but also support it after the fact with decent dlc/mechanic fixes and reasonable free dlc. I.e, if they make reasonable profit they are willing to allocate a certain amount of funding for additional content.

Compare this to EA or even Bethesda (which is not nearly as bad as EA but still a bit overdone in the DLC department). It isn't just that EA sells DLC but the quality is rock bottom and the concept of a 'day 1' dlc is horribly insulting. Tack on top of this the requirement of origin which is not quite as bad as MS client; it still is quite annoying (I know not everyone likes steam; but to be honest I've not had any real annoyances with it - while in my limited usage of EA's origin it has already annoyed me twice).
Anyways Larian and CD Projek are two companies I think have (so far) treated their customers very well (while DKS did have DRM; the company was polite to remove it after the 1st year - which is quite ok with me; contrast this to UBI soft amazingly annoying DRM).
Anyways thank you CD Projek for your support and attitude.
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