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March 9th, 2012, 03:50
I understand Trent's history with Bioware and that he worked on Baldur's Gate, but does anyone know what license, if any, does he have or would need to work on a new BG title?

I just feel that it would be cruel to us fans to build up hype only to do a basic HD remake or some ipad app game.

I love the infinity engine games, because it reminds me of playing D&D on the kitchen table with miniatures. Thats what I also find attractive about the upcoming Diablo III. I'd love to see a modern Baldurs Gate, but it must retain the isometric view. Troikas Temple of Elemental Evil had the graphics and game mechanics down, but missed on the story and quests. A combo of Baldurs Gate and ToEE would be my dream game!
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