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March 9th, 2012, 16:21
I realy like CDPR and bought wicher I and 2 on day #1, in the case of the witcher 2 i made a point buying through GOG for them to have more revenue, so i'm a concerned and big fan of them.

With that said, i have to also point out that its part of their marketing to try and apeal to the PC FAN (like me) to actualy buy their games, apealing to our heart and stop piracy, revealing a little bit an hidden agenda of them.

Proof of that is that they always marketed TW2 as a PC exclusive before launch, and launched the game with clear indications that it was made with consoles in mind, and a little bit after launch (when the dire hard PC fans already bought it lured by the idea of "PC exclusive"), they finaly anounced it would go to consoles aswell when they already knew that even before PC launch. (check the UI, no 1920x1200 resolution support on launch, windows sound settings, etc, etc)

Don't get me wrong, i realy like CDPR and i'm a big fan of their games and company as a whole as very talented people, but i can also see that it was somewhat of a ruse what they did with TW2 PC "exclusive" release marketing.

It is also an awesome gesture of them to release so much quality updates and free DLC, it reveals they are not money-grabbers like EA (oh my god i'm still trying to get over the whole ME3 agenda…).

I repeat, i LIKE CDR, but i'm not blindly stating they are the extreme super good-boys they are trying to apear. Its a refreshing and realy cool company though.
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