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March 10th, 2012, 13:45
Wikipedia seems to be somewhat biased towards Australian water polo these days. Below are excerpts from their "Did you know" columns in march:

2. Australian Stingers Ashleigh Southern, Glencora Ralph, Zoe Arancini, Rowena Webster and Nicola Zagame are five of seventeen water polo players trying to make the 2012 Summer Olympics squad?

3. Australian Stinger Kelsey Wakefield took a year off university in order to try to make the 2012 Summer Olympics in water polo?

4. Australian national team water polo player Hannah Buckling made the Australian junior team after 20 months of serious training with a new coach?

5. Alicia McCormack, a member of the Australia women's national water polo team, received a bow from Prince William at a Sydney barbecue?

6. Australian Stinger Jane Moran is only the second woman ever to have competed in 200 games in the National Water Polo League?

7. that Australian Stingers Rebecca Rippon, Kate Gynther and Melissa Rippon (pictured) had hopes of being the first set of Australian siblings to all compete in three consecutive Olympic Games?

8. the Antarctic sponge Homaxinella balfourensis prevents ice crystals from forming in its cells by the use of peptides with antifreeze properties?

9. Bronwen Knox captained the Australian Stingers at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing?

10. Charles Turner coached the Australian Institute of Sport men's water polo team before becoming the chief executive of the New South Wales Institute of Sport?

11. Australian Stinger Isobel Bishop is left-handed and has a water polo scholarship from the South Australia Institute of Sport?

There's probably a reason behind it, which eludes me at the moment. I guess our ozzie grandfather (Corwin) knows all about it.

pibbur who also wonders if there is a thing called "Water cricket"?
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