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March 11th, 2012, 00:15
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
I don't think it's the site that has the problem
Actually I think it is a very common occurrence, we tend to find opinions that are in accordance with our own thoughts to be very enlightened.

So, in this context, if you have a bias against said developer, Bioware, you find unfavourable criticism against their products to be much more valid than a positive review.

A review is just a personal opinion, some more well thought out than others. Rather strange that they are given so much importance.

Strange as well, is the tendency that if a product is enjoyed by a large group of people another faction always have to bash on it as if that would make them more "special" and "hardcore".

On topic of the product at hand, I found the demo underwhelming and I'm afraid of a poor console port with shoddy controls. On the full game I have no opinion yet. But I'm going to play it to conclude a trilogy that have in some parts of the first two iterations given me the opportunity to immerse myself in a space opera with more or less interactive story.

And please don't let this forum turn into the codex or the cesspool that BSN have evolved into

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