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March 11th, 2012, 00:18
I've completed ME2, played about half of ME1 and roughly a third of ME3.

The third game is essentially a improved version of ME2, which is something that exceeded my expectations. Sure it would be great to have a customized character, more open world exploration, non-linear side quests, etc., but who in their right mind was thinking any of that would be in this game? Of course the dev team used ME2 as a starting point (and thankfully they improved a bit upon that model), and it was always going to be the same sort of interactive movie type game with a fixed protagonist.

As for the save game import problem - is Bioware is the only company that must frequently deal with people whining about "such-and-such NPC doesn't remember that I dated him in the last game" etc.? There are just so many tiny details related to all the relationships and dialogue choices made by a character in these save games for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Some people really get into this, and I can understand that it's fun to play the same character for all three games. (Maybe this has to do with the "interactive movie" aspect?) However, I think people should consider how few games even attempt anything like this at all.

Out of all the changes, the ME3 reputation system is the most drastically improved, freeing players to actually select dialogue options they feel their character would choose, rather than having to select always the "rude" or always the "nice" option to unlock Paragon/Renegade interrupts.

The environments, character models, combat, and skill trees have also been improved a bit. The level design is quite a bit more interesting than the ME2 levels - it's somewhat less corridor->cutscene->corridor, etc.

If you liked ME2, I imagine you will probably like this one a bit more. If you hated ME2, it's probably not for you. IMO the demo did a good job of capturing the overall vibe of the game (at least the small portion I've played so far), so if you liked it or hated the demo, this should give you a good idea about whether or not to buy it.
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