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March 11th, 2012, 14:02
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
As for the save game import problem - is Bioware is the only company that must frequently deal with people whining about "such-and-such NPC doesn't remember that I dated him in the last game" etc.?
I actually see it vice versa : The ME series is the ONLY game series within the last 10 or even 15 years (at least I don't remember any non-indie gme having it) that actually does any hero-import function built in !

I really cannot remember a single game from within the last 10 years having any import function like this at all.
Sure, I don't play as many RPGs as you all do, but the only last game I remember having it was the Realms Of Arcania series, and that is really som time down the river …
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