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March 13th, 2012, 10:33
It seems that I'm giving up on Thief. It just feels like the game tries to make sneaking around as tricky as possible while providing me perfectly viable alternatives. Even knocking people out with the blackjack feels inappropriate, it's not technicaly killing them but the end result is the same.

I suppose I might not be playing it the way it was intended to be played: trying to get through a mission without reloading and defending myself with my sword whenever sneaking fails. But I just can't convince myself to play like that, stealth gameplay means to me that pure stealth should be the single most viable approach and if I fail at being stealthy then it's game over and I have to try again instead of switching to combat gameplay. It's not that I don't feel like a thief, it's just that I feel like some n00b instead of the super thief Garrett is supposed to be.

I understand I'm probably repeating complains that people had back then too, and that many issues were dealt with on the sequel, but not enjoying this one enough doesn't make me want to try the sequel.

Maybe I will return to it (that's the plan anyway) but in the meantime I decided to take a break and give Bioshock a try. If anything to finally learn all that Bioshock lingo with the little sisters and the big daddies and the adams and the plasmids that everyone keeps repeating when talking about this game so I can stop feeling left out when I don't understand any of it . I expected that one to be a relatively simple shooter with light RPG elements, and I suppose that's what it is, but I'm surprised at how much I like it. And it's not merely a matter of dumb fun, it gets its point across without more hustle than necessary, the atmosphere is top notch, the gameplay is surprisingly enjoyable (considering that I rarely enjoy FPSs) and its world is so well designed and exciting that I keep looking forward to finding out what's around the next corner.

Yeah, there you go, I don't like Thief and I really like Bioshock. Maybe it's time to hand over the 'hardcore gamer' card. It's actually making me think about challenge in games, how much should there be and where it should spring from. Say what you want about the contemporary dumbed down games, they may carry every gaming flaw there is but one thing is for certain: they don't try their best to punish you for playing them.
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