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March 13th, 2012, 12:35
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
Sounds like i should give JA2 another chance maybe, its one of those games i've started up a few times throughout the years, but i don't think i've ever finished even the first mission because it really didn't grab me at all.

Arx Fatalis is really good, reminded me of Ultima Underworld so i never had any trouble getting into it..
JA2 did not grab me until I had liberated the first town, but after that, the game really started to grow on me. When starting out, don't go for a full team of mercs, instead hire one good with a long range weapon. That long range weapon will really help early on, and having only a single merc will speed up movement on the strategic map. Use him and your main char to liberate the first city (other than the one you start in). Then move back to the starting city, and hire some cheaper mercs. When your expensive guy's time is running out, let him go, but take his gun first, because that extra long range firepower will help you cut down a lot of damage that otherwise would be nigh unavoidable, if your character only has a pistol.

Jagged Alliance 2 went from being a game that I had a mild dislike for to a game that I absolutely love, once I got into it.
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