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March 15th, 2012, 11:23
I haven't managed to complete Baldur's Gate yet. As I feared, I sort of stalled after getting to the big city - and I have a hard time maintaining interest.

I got through Mass Effect, despite my reservations about ME3 - and I'm now playing Mass Effect 2. Unfortunately, having already completed it upon release - it's still relatively fresh in my mind. I found the game very predictable and sort of "meh" back then, and now it's even worse.

Oh, it looks fantastic with a great atmosphere - but the gameplay is incredibly streamlined - and I find myself unengaged in the dialogue and story. I wouldn't say it is bad writing - just that it doesn't compensate for the endlessly predictable shooter setups and simplistic RPG elements.

I'd still like to get through it, so I can attempt ME3 somewhere down the line - but I don't know how to avoid resenting the experience. I could just watch youtube playthroughs, I suppose, but I've never been good at watching other people play. Also, I've had this dream since I first heard about it being a trilogy - to take a character all the way through it - in proper style.

Then I'm dabbling with Saint's Row 3 - and I really like it. But it's hardly fulfilling as a meaty game - and there's just nothing available that can manage to grab me.

Skyrim spoiled me, I think - and I'm planning to give that another shot in 3-6 months - when mods have matured, and I have a vacation that's big enough to get me immersed at the required level.

So, I'm sort of stuck in gaming limbo - with nothing to engage me.

This is the sort of time when I should be getting back to developing my game, but I had a harddisk crash a while back - and I lost a few weeks of work. It's hard to work up the will to redo it….

Woe is me!

I expect Risen 2 will be my ticket to gaming revival. Despite the flaws evident in beta - I'm still counting on PB to provide a great world and atmosphere. Something worthy of exploring it - surely.

Then, maybe, Diablo 3 - which should be out soonish.




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