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March 15th, 2012, 15:03
Originally Posted by Raggie View Post
Allright, thanks for the input! Thanks for the hints too, those will come in handy. This is my first introduction to the Dark Eye universe so I'll probably take a look at some guides before creating a character. I hate it when I'm 20 hours in when I realize my character buil is not valid…
Don't worry. That can't happen due to the way that the character development system is designed. You acquire adventure points (AP) all of the time (for defeating enemies, completing quests and so on) and you can put these points into upgrading your skills at any time as you go along, i.e. you can very easily make adjustments on the fly whenever needed. You won't need to wait for a level-up or any other opportunity. You will quickly amass hundreds of AP without even noticing it. There's no way to really gimp a build as long as you use the most basic common sense.

The only non-obvious skill I can think of that you should keep maxed on all characters regardless of class is "Willpower" in the physical abilities category. This skill helps in avoiding wounds in combat which is really important because characters get knocked out after contracting four wounds or more.
Other than that you just use common sense and focus on the character's core abilities and revisit the trainers sometimes to see if they have some new skills to teach. That's all.
There isn't really a way to screw up big time so just have fun and play the game .
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