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March 15th, 2012, 15:22
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Glad you are enjoying it … I have had one for a review for just over a week, and once I got over the massive (pocket unfriendly) screen, I have found one disappointment after another. Weak-sauce antenna, loads of incompatibility issues with apps - even ones the Market says SHOULD work, and the fact that it won't work to transfer files by plugging into a USB port like most phones (including my Droid 4, which is my primary phone). It is speedy and has a nice screen, but for me it is a big disappointment.
I find this completely strange to me because i never had any of the aforementioned issues (thankfully) no incompatibility issues at all and i installed lots of apps also there is one method i only use to transfer files between it and the computer and ironically that is the USB cable its either you got a broken phone for the review or a used phone or something because that doesn't make any sense based on my experience with it so far, because honestly none of what you mentioned occurred to me but about the screen i think it will differ from one person to another depending on what type of phone size that person got used to. but personally its okay with me
btw i have it for a month and 1 week now.
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