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March 15th, 2012, 15:36
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post

I absolutely love my Droid 4, and actually prefer the HTC Wildfire S in many ways (which is a 'freebie' or close to it on some carriers) … I did a test with 3 devices I have on the same carrier and found that the HTC Flyer (7" tablet) had 5 bars, the HTC Wildfire S also had 5 bars … and the Galaxy S2 had 2 bars. And there was a reason I did that test - and ended up getting a second phone from the carrier just to be sure.

Admittedly I am not a huge fan of Gingerbread on larger screens - I think of it like WinXP, where it is functional but not pretty on newer devices. It is better than Honeycomb (a very low bar as HC is the 'Vista of Mobile OS'), but I think it really just isn't meant for larger screens - which is one reason I prefer the Wildfire S (3.2" screen).
I could be wrong, but - reading between the lines - I've noted that every time the phone is brought up around here, you've been sort of… less than enthusiastic about it.

I don't personally have enough experience with enough modern smartphones - but certainly, when I researched ~8-10 smartphones a year ago, Samsung Galaxy S2 was far superior in pretty much every way. At least, in all the ways that mattered to my GF - who I was trying to help.

AFAIK, it was also named best smartphone of 2011. Which is why I find it odd that you think it's so bad.




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