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March 16th, 2012, 22:19
Now I'm feeling a bit daft. I'm still playing Arx Fatalis, and I'm playing a hybrid mage/warrior. Spells are more powerful, and I've come to rely on the fireball spell to beat anything strong, while reserving my regular sword fro rats, spiders and other minor enemies (game balance seem to be a bit off). One thing that I had issues with though were drawing the runes. I found it a bit awkward to draw runes while something was attacking me, and I was moving backwards to avoid damage, though I thought that it was just some form of balancing factor, to avoid magic being too powerful (which it still was).
It all changed when I started facing Ylsids, those guys can take down by character in 4-5 hits, and they have some form of speed spell that makes it very hard to actually avoid their damage. So I had to be really fast with drawing my fireball runes.
Well, then I decided to take a look at what the manual had to say about this, there had to be some better way to do things, I thought. And well, there is. You can prepare up to 3 spells, so no frenetic rune drawing is needed. Had I known that I would not have had to reload nearly as many times. And this was after I had killed 8 Ylsids using the frenetic rune drawing method.
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