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March 17th, 2012, 21:30
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
The game doesn't have to evolve into something worth looking at. It was it since release. I've played for 75 hours so far, and at least the first 60 were very enjoyable. Then I've had enough of the micromanagement and decided to wait for the first big patch.

The patch should remove ca. half of the little annoying details. So yes, it's a big step forward, under the assumption that it works correctly, because the core - the Plan & Go combat - works fine.

The negative reviews are totally wrong. JA:BiA is not a bad game. Not even close. I can understand if somebody says that it's a bit too simple now because it's almost purely tactics now. But the tactics part is fun and the game works.

It's an advantage if you haven't played the series yet. 90% of the complaining is from people who played JA 2 and criticize every change. The new game has been simplified, probably too much. Now it's a good squad tactics game with some RPG elements. Certainly no masterpiece, but really quite decent.
JA2 is and probably always will be my favorite game ever. Those of us who are upset are so because they took what was fun and unique about the series, changed it all up, and tried to sell it as a Jagged Alliance revision instead of just selling it under a new name. I'm sure the game would be somewhat entertaining and/or appealing to some folks. But to associate it with such a beloved franchise in an effort to get that rabid fanbase to buy it, really is just a kick to the nuts.
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