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March 19th, 2012, 18:13
I stopped long time ago to waste my money on AAA titles. I still get them, when they are like $10; they provide me with a few hours of play, until I get too frustrated or bored (and often both). Backing up games like Double Fine, Wasteland 2, and now the Banner Saga is not only about the game per se, but about hopes that the everybody will take notice of this ‘revolution’. Gaming, nowadays, is not only about hyperactive kids; there is a significant market for people who started gaming when they were young and still do; people who wish for more refined, thoughtful, and complex game mechanisms and stories. These people are often professionals with deep money and influence, and ignoring them is utterly stupid. Think about books: would you like to only have books about romance? Right now most of the games are click-fest and movie-simulations. Giving what you can to back up a project you like, even $10, is not a risk, is a vote. I spent more backing up the above mentioned 3 projects than in my entire game budget for the previous year. I am looking forward to play those games, but more importantly, I am looking forward to the day the game industry would stop to be such a moron (and we all know that ‘corporations are people’, so they can be moron as well).
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