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March 19th, 2012, 19:25
4 months of Skyrim is enough for me, at least until the expansion-like DLC arrive. My barbarian character's run through the Companions quest line is done (although there are a couple of radiant quests that never triggered). Got tired of running repeated quest types until I got lucky with a new type of randomly generated quest. 3 characters in 4 months. I think I got my money's worth.

My Elven Legacy playthrough was interrupted when Skyrim arrived. As most know, this game is hard. Heck, winning on normal difficulty, without losses, and gold wins for missions that give you bonus missions is a bitch. I've had to give up on a couple of golds because I didn't want to sacrifice any units for the gold bonus (usually an extra unlevelled-unit and an artifact). I don't want to lose units because its a huge investment in time (and in game gold) to level and upgrade them. So far I've qualified for all the bonus missions.

I am in the Snow Valley. Very Skyrim apropos, except the Dwarves are very much alive, for a little while at least. Right now playing the final battle. I must have replayed this final battle 5 times, trying to get by without losses and beating the gold medal time limit to get the bonus mission. Tough. I think you have to be somewhat masochistic for this game.
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