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March 19th, 2012, 20:52
A crowd funding project sits you on the investor's seat. Yes, there's always risk that some dev botch the game. But what drives me is the possibilities that will be able to occur in the future: Tons of brand new, old school RPGs out there with modern graphics and sounds (actually letter part isn't that important much). After considering the possibilities these projects might bring, 10 or 15 dollars is not much in my eyes.

I consider as this: After years of longing for old school RPGs and finally gave up hope for this kind of game (apart from few indies here and there), some veteran dev approaches to me and says 'Hey I'm going to make the sequel to …. (name your favourite old school RPG here), all I need you is to give me 10 dollars in advance. Do you take that risk?' Yes, I will definitely take that risk.

By the way I'm ready to empty my bank account in order to support Might&Magic 10 (or a Force&Spell project if he can't take the license from Ubisoft ) from John Van Caneghem. I hope he will raise his head from whatever C&C game he's making right now and see these Kickstarter projects.
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