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March 20th, 2012, 06:05
I donated to both DoubleFine and Wasteland 2 as those are pretty sure bets I think. This one I'm not sure about as $100K isn't much though they have what seems to be a very talented team. Seems like that is about enough to cover one person for 1 year and they are promising all sorts of things including a multiplayer mode by November or so if I read the donation box correctly.

I'm sure if its good enough there will be actual sales above and beyond the first round of supporters. I've gone ahead and donated the minimum to get the game and will see what materializes.

Edit: There was a radio/podcast over the summer about micropayments that people gave to a school teacher in Haiti. The generous people donated the money so he could buy books and supplies for the really poor. Well he got so much money $5K or so that he decided to move up and decided to build a new schoolhouse instead. At the end, he got in over his head and only had a concrete pad at the end of it and no school books.

I fear that one or more these kickstarter projects will follow a similar trajectory just hoping they have enough management discipline to deal with it if they do get a windfall. Not saying these guys will be guilty of that but just something that pops in my mind whenever I see micropayment like projects.
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