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March 21st, 2012, 22:15
I assume you mean making Harrowmont King? Bioware basically put a modern day spin of globalism/multiculturalism/modern good and isolationism/homogeneity/traditional bad on the Orzammar epilogues… Which, while I found to be cliche and predictable, did make for deciding between Harrowmont and Bhelen interesting. Old traditionalist/isolationist vs Young psychopathic reformer.

I don't think it's being tricked, so much as railroaded… That said, if their scenario is played out(explained) logically or through some historical context I have no problem with it.


The indoctrination theory seems reasonable… It would explain those awful dream sequences. I have yet to finish the game, but I would like to know when Shep was indoctrinated. As much exposure as Shep has had to Reaper tech they could retcon that in going back as far as ME1. Such a scenario will likely be taken as a slap in the face, the series was billed for previous choices affecting the game world/universe and their carryover throughout the trilogy played up by BW… I almost feel sorry for people engaged in escapism via games, it's like reality all over again(quit dreaming newb).
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