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March 22nd, 2012, 02:07
How far/deep are you into Sorrowdusk ? If I remember correctly, I have this pack now, too.

I joined a PUG today. with totally mixed results.

Irestone Inlet. Levels 4-5 or 6 I think.

Two completely different approaches.

First attempt: The leader pulls one out of a group and we finish that one. Then the next, etc. at one point it went wrong.

Second attempt : Very similar (almost identical) in theory, but the group got split far too much - it was almost as if 2 mini-groups were at each end of the quest area … This led to a complete wipe.

Third attempt : Brute force. No elegance in tactics whatsoever. Two toos were exchanged, among them was a … female monk ? She raced so far ahead and killed everything almost instantly. There wasn't much to do for the others anymore, then.

But at least we got it made.

Because they said that Hypnosis would be good, I had bought a few scrolls for my level 5 wizard. Were unused because of that … monk ? (She must've been a monk, judging from the fighting style, but I've never seen a monk at performing, at least I don't remember one.)

In an attempt to help them, I used the "Grease" spell. apparently that was a mistake, because at least one of the group didn't like it at all. I think I'll use it only for soloing, then.

I must say that I'm disappointed after all. The mood was good in the beginning, but dropped considerable after the wipe, and with the … monk ? It wasn't any fun for me anymore. I think that I'm just not a "brute force" type of player. And no zerging, either.

At least the loot was quite good.
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