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March 22nd, 2012, 12:40
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So what are the top-of-the-line Android phones these days? I hear the Galaxy S III is coming out with 1.5Ghz quad-core CPU and a big 1080p screen? I'm kind of wary because some of the stuff txa1265 wrote; is Android a mixed bag? I've seen sluggish Android phones, but that was ages ago.

I've had iPhones for the last 3-4 years, but my iPhone 4 is starting to break down and freeze upů
Don't mistake my criticisms for a blanket dismissal - I just locked in for another 2 years with a Droid 4 on Verizon and absolutely love it.

Android is the least efficient OS because of the inherent flexibility - it is pretty common knowledge that when you abstract all hardware, your software is slower. That isn't a 'OS war' thing … just reality.

The reason I mention that is you NEED a more powerful Android phone to get similar performance as an iPhone or Windows Phone. That is how a single core 1.4GHz Windows Phone was at CES 'smoking' Android phones with dual core 1.5GHz processors …

And seriously - don't count out Windows Phone. With the 'mango' 7.5 update it is an excellent system - the HTC Titan II is amazing, as are the Nokia phones.

As for new Androids, Samsung is clearly the 'maker to buy' … but I have to say I prefer HTC builds. I had a pair of LG's recently … they were horrific.

But don't count out the Samsung phones … their low-end stuff is total crap, but the Galaxy S2 and Nexus are excellent. My discussion was specific to the US Cellular version, I have gotten some time with the AT&T version yesterday afternoon from a friend at work and it is much better. The Nexus is cool, but I think the S2 is clicker (but not on VZW).

Also, it depends on your carrier. On AT&T there are some great Windows Phone and Android options as well as the iPhone - whereas VZW has iPhone and solid Android offerings but no WIndows Phone of note.

Best advice is to simply play around with the phones at a retailer. Also think about pocket-ability. I find the Galaxy S2 too big even though it is lighter than my Droid 4 (which is at the upper limit of what I find acceptable).
-- Mike
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