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March 23rd, 2012, 00:26
Since we are down 2 this week, I suggest we work on getting Sherina to 20 on our high levels. She's on her last rank, so it won't take long. The low levels will out-run Corwin and Dte, so we can't run them.

We found out that the named items from the chest in Mindsunder now drop in the end rewards, and it has a list every 3 completions. So IQ might be a good place to easily farm xp and some strong gear. Since we've been giving Dte all our shards, we don't have much to run with, but if we run the whole chain we should get a good bit of xp and enough for a couple of runs.

Aerii has the Panther hireling, so we only need 1 more. It proved to be fairly effective actually, doing fair damage and not taking much, during our earlier run in the Vale today. He actually had cleared several foes from the balcony solo while we were buffing in Mindsunder. I think none of our characters match him in HP, actually.

An alternative, since Alrik is 11 on his Ranger, is to hit our mid-levels; Peter's Cleric, JM's Artificer, and whatever CM wants to bring. I have my Fighter or Favored Soul, and we can hit Lordsmarch or whatever.
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