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March 23rd, 2012, 13:40
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
I agree with Dhruin. It's a good idea, but it's probably too late. Our members have already donated.
As long as the funding phase is running, you are able to retract your money.
Also you don't really need the highest tier of 10k (the sum Codex raised by the way, amongst others also with the generous help of Chris Avellone ) in order to be able leave your mark in the Wasteland 2 world.
For example a mere 1,000 bucks already enables can to - let me quote the Kickstarter here - "become an NPC, weapon or location".

"You come across a deserted Watchtower in the middle of a dry lake. While still pondering about why of all places someone would decide to erect a Watchtower in this very spot, you climb to it's top.
After an exhausting climb and almost slipping, thanks to a cracked, wooden ladder, you notice the rat-gnawed remains of what must have been a human once.
Clutched in it's rotten hands you find a book, titled 'The Codex'. Within this book you discover drawings of a much bigger tower than the one you are standing in right now. Even though the ink is very faded, you are still able to make out most of the letters: "O_r __wer is _igg_r than y_ur_!".
Next to the corpse you notice, written in dried blood, a single word: "WHY?".

Hoping to find answers you arrived. Instead, you have no choice but to cautiously climb back down again, with even more questions that beg for answers.

Perhaps, one fine day you will finally find what you are looking for. Somewhere out here, in this darned Wasteland."
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