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March 23rd, 2012, 16:22
A few guild names I've found in MyDDO (I've replaced both "Renown" & "Members" with one another to make the numbers more clear) :

Name			Level	 	Members		Renown 		
Because I can 		1		1		0
zoes my name 		1		1		20
The Electric Amish 	2		1		685
Badonkadonk 		4		1		3213
I hate this guild name 	4		1		5173
Soko Irrlicht		73		121		20083884
"Soko Irrlicht" is insofar interesting in that it is in German language (although *not* on Wayfinder !) and the term "Soko" is an abbreviation of "Sonderkommission" and means more or less (rather more) "special investigations group" in police departments. A Soko is usually founded within a police department to go after very special commited crimes, like a heist or a murder, for example.
And "Irrlicht" means nothing but "ghost light", from the verb "verirren" which means "to go astray". An Irrlicht is a light which people mistake as a light shining home, and then they go astray and might end up in a fen or a moor.

(Uh, only now I understand why there are so many "whisps" in the Red Fens … I didn't know that "will-o'-wisp is just another possible translation for "Irrlicht" …)
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