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March 24th, 2012, 15:18
I would have to concur with one of the posters from the Kickstarter site: NO social, NO MP, and NO mod tools. Here's why: focus on developing some sort of modding kit for the players ends up with less emphasis on the main campaign (remember, the campaign for NWN? It was utter crap. Ooh, but I can make my own crappy mods— hurrah!). The notion of user mods does not make this title any more compelling to buy. In fact, I would be less inclined to buy simply because most (there are rare exceptions I'm sure) user made content is just bad.

I really am not so desperate for attention and validation that I need a friend to leave me some kind of stupid note in game or any items to make the game easier. The idea they would somehow, assuming the "majority" doesn't object, focus on implementing features to allow the latter seems a waste of time.

Unfortunately I think the moniker of "old school" is not the old school we gamers that played the original at it's release in the 80's are familiar with. I think it's simply "more old school than anything out now." Baldur's Gate is considered "old school" which is not accurate. I will remain as optimistic as I can. If they limit party size to less than 5 or 6, or eliminate parties altogether, that will be a clear indicator all this from Fargo has been lip-service.
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