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March 24th, 2012, 15:50
I agree that first and foremost, funding should go towards making the game content rich. I also don't like the idea of dropping notes for friends in the game world - seems like an unnecessary way to spend money. I can talk to my friends about the game on the phone if I want to. However, I don't think allowing multiplayer in the form of having another player join your party to replace a NPC would be that costly, and could add to the fun. I would also like to see it be mod-friendly. If the game ends up being great, but far too short or small, mod tools would allow community members to improve its size. I can't imagine it is that expensive to release developer tools, is it?

I like the idea of keeping it old-school, but we should also stay open to some of the positive new trends too (not that modding and multiplayer is that new anyway).
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