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March 25th, 2012, 06:02
Hi there

I'm Zoltan, one of the creators. Thank you for your attention here on this site.

With the help of my partner Lenore, we created the world, wrote the conversations, scripted the story, the quests. It's practically done, but we can't release the game because it's not in a releasable format.

By our plan, we'd like to convert the stuff so that we can use it in Unity 3D. Also, we'll have to create the scenery and characters, animations and everything that makes it a playable and enjoyable computer RPG. (see tech demo on kickstarter for ref)

This is where we are trapped and need RPG players' help from all around the world.
Everybody on the team has many years of experience, we just don't have the money to go on.

300 k may sound a lot, but creating the content needs experts and we'll have to pay them for 18 months + office + taxes + software etc. In the light of the sheer amount of content, it's not that much.

I think TH1 and particularly TH2 proves that I can pull this off, storywise. (they are not humorous anyway, unlike this stand-alone game)

TH2 won a gold medal in 2007 and it's still going strong. (2nd place)

Also, I've worked for 10 years in the industry as designer.

I've learned many things from these mods and worked them into the Kickstarter project and this is definitely not a generic RPG of our days…

Hoping that we'll be seeing you playing our game
thank you guys for your interest

PS: if you have questions, go ahead
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