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March 25th, 2012, 12:40
Originally Posted by SubBassman View Post
Thank you, mate.

And yes, I made the first version of NC too. Maybe one day we can port it to PC which is my final goal. As for the realease date: I'm not working on the Ultimate version, so it doesn't depend on me whatsoever.
I've heard through the nerd-vine that… ahem… no, no, no… I can't promise anything, hehe.

Let's focus on TH which, despite its length, is less unforgiving. Non-linearity is still there though.
If only you told your past experiences, main goals in the Kickstarter page in more detail, especially video is very important IMHO in the Kickstarter page. One of the developers (it can be you) can depict the project, why you need the money, for example present some of the dialogues from NWN modes to show what you have done in the past.

Of course there're other factors but if you look at the video game projects like Wasteland 2, Double Fine Adventure, FTL, The Banner Saga some guy sits in front of a camera and try to tell what they're planning to do.

Presentation is always important. Also the money goal is too steep. Because of that, you have to make much too strong presentation.

Also Dhruin is right, too many Kickstarter projects flood the site at once, and we have limited money at a given time. Anyway, you seem to me honest and I'm going to pledge 10 $ for the project. I wish to pledge more, but my current economy doesn't allow it.
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