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March 25th, 2012, 21:11
Hi there RPGers

I'd like to answer some of your questions.

Budget: Regarding our request, this is the lowest possible amount we can reasonably expect to do the job

Live footage: We're working on our video skills.

Convo samples: I'm not sure it's the best way to demonstrate this if we take stuff out of the context, the situation, the scenery. Also, not every single line could be as appealing for a particular person as the other.
I'm thinking though…

Pledges: we still have plenty of time at hand, more than one month, and if we can't get this funded, we'll relaunch it later.

Combat System: currently it's designed as real-time. You control your party as a whole, using a widget. You can select a primary target, set general distance and aggressivity mode. There are archetype items that determine what you are actually doing in combat. (weapon/fight,orb/casting,instrument/musical talent etc). There's psi power too if you want to go that way…
Also, each member has a special power that can be utilized every now
and then to gain advantage or give you better protection. (group effect) For example one may be able to cause the enemy to be confused momentarily or everybody fights with higher skills for a short time). You can stop the combat anytime to access your inventory if need be. This way, you can easily modify your tactics.
If it becomes turn-based though (we are waiting for more votes), we'll surely keep the key features (group powers for instance), plus you'll have action points based on your stats.

1. You can roam in the world freely. If you can't do something, leave that place and do something else until you can.
2. There are only 3 choke points meaning there are some criteria that must be met before you can carry on.
3. You can go back to previous areas. Sometimes you are even required to go back. New characters continually appear, old characters have new lines, new actions become possible.

Many thanks for all the pledges, we truly appreciate them.
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