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March 25th, 2012, 21:46
If 300,000.00 is the lowest you can expect to do the job you want to do, then (although I greatly admire and applaud your drive/determination), I think you need to scale back with your first effort OR provide more than a tech demo on your Kickstarter page. You're simply not going to get folks to pony up that much money for something that feels so nebulous and is from an untested company/brand.

Brian Fargo, while he has been involved in developing some duds recently, HAS been involved in some great projects in the past; similarly, Tim Schaefer is a known brand and responsible for some truly great adventure games.

To get us to take a chance, you have to give us more to get behind. Banner Saga, a project that I gladly donated to, looks like a project with a clear vision and is from established ex-Bioware people. If you can post something along those lines, you might convince some of us to help you out.
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