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March 26th, 2012, 09:03
Originally Posted by Fargol View Post
I guess it has me worried since it was the very first "quest" of the game, and the assassin wiped the floor with me. I don't think I was given any kind of clue as to how ridiculously strong he was.

I do want to see more, so I'll likely start again and this time I'll wuss out when given the choice
Interesting, I played an assassin and the guy guarding the merchant kept wiping the floor with me

I really liked the post apocalyptic vibe, however. (Or post-fall-of-civilization, rather.)

Will have to do some research on a better character build, perhaps. I tried putting all my skill points into daggers and critical strike, but the only way to get past the first combat encounter quest was by passing a persuasion check to avoid the combat entirely.

Originally Posted by Arkadia7 View Post
I tried it out. The graphics are nice and impressive, but I couldn't get over the clunky and awkward camera system. It just was too cumbersome and annoying after a short time of playing to want to deal with. I did like the graphics as I said, some of the art style as well was good, and the story line seemed cool, but it isn't for me because of the camera control I'm afraid.
The camera control was a bit annoying, but the non-linear quests and relatively open city map were fun enough to keep me interested.
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