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March 26th, 2012, 10:24
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post

I wonder if the bundle also includes the expansions for the first two games…
Oddly enough, it doesn't…seems kind of strange considering that it includes the DLC for DS3. Still, I'm not sure if the expansions can be considered "necessary" due to the low price of the main games. Assuming that one likes DS1 or 2 enough to want more, perhaps the expansions could be picked up later.

I decided to purchase the bundle on an impulse, and having no experience with the series, I've started playing DS1. I'm only a few hours in and have just 2 other party members, but so far it's fairly enjoyable (I think my extremely low expectations help in this regard). I don't know if I just really enjoy controlling a party, but this aspect already has me enjoying this hack n' slash game more than I usually do. Such a pity that DS3 removed the party aspect…

There's not much story to be found, and I can already tell that it is going to eventually feel repetitive (as is the inherent nature of this style of gameplay), but having a full party will set DS apart from the other h&s games in this specific genre, and will probably make me stick with it longer than I usually do for similar games (which isn't saying much - Divine Divinity is the only hack n' slash game developed in this style that I have sunk anywhere near what you could call a significant amount of time in).

The combat isn't exactly deep (although I have run into some decent challenges early on against certain opponents that forced to me come up with an actual strategy of some sort), but so far it feels like a simplified, loot-heavy Icewind Dale with the minimalist story and focus on simple, fun adventuring. We'll see how long the fun lasts, but for $10.00, I don't regret my decision to buy the bundle just yet.
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